At OUMC, our goal is to help students grow in their relationship with God. We believe in relational ministry, where students interact with each other and leaders to experience the love of Christ in a safe environment where they can ask questions, be encouraged, and grow spiritually. We believe the youth are an integral part of the larger church and local community, and encourage them to be active in service. We believe in deep biblical teaching and discussion. And finally, we believe that there’s no way that these goals can be met alone; partnering with parents and the larger church body is essential to helping students grow.

Here are some of the regular programs of the youth group that we hope will help us reach our goals and uphold these principles.


Youth Group: 

Our regular youth group night is Sunday evening. MS (grades 6-8) meets 4:30-6pm and HS (9-12) meets 6:30-8pm. From 6-6:30pm, the groups overlap for a meal we call Snack Supper ($3), provided by parents. Generally, we play games, Brad gives a lesson, and then we break up into small groups led by our adult volunteers.

Other weekly groups:

DONUT HOUR meets Sunday mornings, 10am, in the Youth Suites. We catch up on prayer requests, discuss the sermon, and eat donuts!

Tuesday mornings, 7-8:15am, a small group called CATCHING FIRE meets at the Bojangles in Hillsborough. Tuesday evenings a small group called HUNGER GANG meets at Pop’s Pizza, 6:30-7:30pm. These groups meet for a meal, talk about what’s happening in their lives, and discuss topics and “God questions” decided on by the students.

Special Events and Trips: 

Each month, we try to do one service project (homeless ministry, visiting elderly, etc) and one big fun event (holiday parties, Frankie’s, etc). We also go on several trips each year (Beach Retreats, Ski Retreats, Mission Trips, and more).


Stay up to date on Youth Events

If you have any questions or would like to be added to the mailing list, email Brad.


Pictures from our awesome programs, along with reminders for upcoming events, can be found on our Facebook and Instagram pages.


The Youth Event Calendar is another great resource for families.

Safe Sanctuaries

Orange UMC takes the safety of its students seriously. Explore our Safe Sanctuaries policy.