The Outreach Ministries Committee is seeking your help as we finalize plans for our annual silent auction fundraiser that will be held during our Harvest Festival on October 12th and 13th.  There are two key ways you can help.

First, please consider donating one or more items that we can include in the auction.  Some examples of donations that Church members and attendees have made in the past are:

  • commitments to make hand-crafted items such as quilts or knitted sweaters;

  • offers to bake one or more cakes or desserts and to make dinners for up to as many as six people; 

  • theme-based gift baskets;

  • pledges to provide babysitting or landscaping/lawn care services;

  • pledges to provide professional services (photography, music and cooking lessons, etc.);

  • gift cards to local businesses and/or tickets to sporting events or cultural arts events (college basketball or football game, Playmakers Theater, NC Symphony, DPAC, etc.);

  • antiques, framed photographs, etc.; and

  • stays at private homes at the beach.

Second, you can help us seek and obtain donations of gift cards or gift certificates, merchandise, etc. from local businesses and organizations.  Many of you know owners and/or managers of businesses in the area, and you have favorite places you like to dine or shop, obtain services, etc.  We sure would welcome and appreciate your help in taking the lead in (a) reaching out to businesses and organizations that have made donations in the past, and (b) identifying and reaching out to others that may be interested in supporting our fundraiser. 

Last year, in addition to auction items donated by Church members and attendees, our auction featured donations from about 80 businesses and organizations in the area.   We have created a sign-up genius for restaurants, merchants and others that have donated in past events here, which includes an idea of what each business donated last year. We would welcome and appreciate your help! If you know of other businesses (not included on the list) which you would like to contact, please call the church office and get them added to the sign-up, so we don’t have multiple church members overlapping at local businesses.

Last year’s auction raised nearly $10,000 to support our outreach ministries programs.  We pray that God will bless our Church with an even more successful fundraiser this year.  We also pray that you will consider volunteering to help us in this effort.  If you want to donate an auction item, help us seek and obtain donations, or want more information about the upcoming auction fundraiser, please contact Pat Davis via email at oumcauction@gmail.com or by phone at 919-428-1789. 

Thank you very much for your help!