Missional Communities

Orange Missional Communities are mid-sized discipleship groups that operate as extended families (20-40 people) on a mission to reach people with the Good News.  These communities meet regularly in homes and public spaces in a shared rhythm of life as an expression of the Kingdom of God lived out in daily life.

In Missional Communities, we seek to make the ways of Jesus the ways of our lives by focusing on relationship with God (UP), relationship with one another (IN) and relationship to others (OUT). We hope you will consider checking out one of our Missional Community opportunities! AND if you have an idea for a new Missional Community, contact Wallace Johnson.

The Gathering MC

Focus: Strengthening families with community and a heart for our neighbors
Leader: Adam & Meredith Keisler, Don & Doris Click
Contact: keisler.meredith@gmail.com
Time: Thursdays 6:30 – 8:00pm (click “more info” for dates)
Location: Keisler Home in SW Hillsborough

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Parenting MC

Focus: Growing and supporting families through community
Leader: Tara Anderson, Stephanie Minter & Samantha Cabe
Contact: tanderson56@gmail.com
Time: Sundays 10:00 -11:00 am
Location: Church—Room 114 “Bethlehem”

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